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Let the BRICS shine brighter—Sany Group is deeply involved in BRICS cooperation
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Let the BRICS shine brighter—Sany Group is deeply involved in BRICS cooperation

Let the BRICS shine brighter—Sany Group is deeply involved in BRICS cooperation

November 22, 2023

Global layout, a new chapter. On November 15, the "Sany South Africa Headquarters Base" project broke ground in Johannesburg, South Africa. The base is positioned as a regional manufacturing center, logistics center and talent center. The project investment is 300 million rand and is expected to be completed in one year. By then, it will be able to produce 1,000 excavators and other engineering machinery and equipment annually.

"Sany South Africa Headquarters Base" project foundation laid

Sany has been operating in South Africa since 2005. In 2023, Sany South Africa's sales are expected to reach 800 million yuan. In the eighteen years since it entered the South African market, SANY has participated in the construction of almost all major local infrastructure projects. In 2013, 60 SANY equipment participated in the entire construction of Kusile Power Plant, Africa's largest thermal power plant project in South Africa. Among them, Sany's 750-ton and 630-ton crawler cranes stand out from many international brands and undertake the most critical hoisting work of thermal power stations. They also set a new record for China's domestic cranes exported to Africa.

SANY crawler crane is used for construction at Kusile Thermal Power Plant

In 2018, it was also in Johannesburg, South Africa, that President Xi Jinping proposed "building a new BRICS partnership for the industrial revolution" at the 10th BRICS leaders' meeting. SANY's steady development in South Africa and the new launch of "SANY South Africa Headquarters Base" have added a new footnote to this major initiative.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the proposal of the "BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership", on November 17, Xiang Wenbo, rotating chairman of Sany Group and vice chairman of the BRICS Innovation Base Industrial Innovation Alliance, attended the first BRICS Innovation Base Entrepreneurs It was stated at the forum that as the world's leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturer, SANY Group actively practices and participates in the game, deeply participating in the major historical process of BRICS cooperation, and regards BRICS countries as a history that cannot be missed in the development of SANY. opportunity.

Deeply involved in BRICS cooperation and achieved fruitful results in industrial development

The concept of "BRICS" was first proposed in the international community in 2001, and the story of Sany Group and BRICS began in the following year. In 2002, SANY started its globalization journey. Among the first batch of products sold overseas, 4 motor graders were exported to India. SANY took the first step of corporate globalization in the BRIC market.


Having been deeply involved in the local area for many years, SANY India has now occupied a considerable market share in the local industry in multiple vertical product fields such as excavators, cranes, pile drivers, mining machines, road and port machinery. SANY has invested more than 750 million rupees in its localized manufacturing plant in Pune, India. As SANY India celebrates its 20th anniversary, it has successfully achieved the milestone of selling over 22,000 devices.

In Brazil, another BRIC country thousands of miles away, SANY's Brazilian subsidiary was registered in 2007 and began investing in expanding marketing and manufacturing operations in 2010. In July 2014, President Xi Jinping personally witnessed the signing ceremony of the Sany Investment Brazil project after attending the sixth BRICS leaders’ meeting in Brazil. Over the past ten years, SANY has invested nearly US$100 million in Brazil.

SANY Investment Brazil Project Signing Ceremony

Cross mountains and seas to seek development. Xiang Wenbo said that currently, in order to seize the opportunities of the new era and new technological revolution, Sany is fully implementing the globalization, digital intelligence and low-carbon transformation strategies. Among them, globalization ranks first, urgent and important. The BRICS countries are important engines of the global economy. SANY has been deeply involved in BRICS cooperation for many years and has achieved fruitful results in industrial development. The latest data shows that in the markets of Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and the six countries that have just been invited to join the BRICS family in 2023, Sany Group has achieved cumulative sales of more than 70 billion yuan. Among them, 14,500 units of equipment will be sold in 2022, with sales exceeding 13 billion yuan. In the first three quarters of 2023, sales exceeded 14 billion yuan, accounting for approximately 40% of Sany Group's overall overseas sales in the current period.


Open, inclusive and win-win cooperation helps local social development

In July 2014, China first mentioned the eight-character spirit of BRICS cooperation: openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win. As a construction machinery company, SANY Group not only actively invests in BRICS countries, but also gives full play to its industry advantages, using an open and inclusive attitude to deeply support local economic and social construction and enhance win-win cooperation.



The Adama Phase II wind power project in Ethiopia is the first foreign wind power project to adopt Chinese standards and technology. It is also an important measure taken by the Ethiopian government to protect the ecological environment and meet economic and social development. The total installed capacity of the project is 153MW, and the average annual power generation is about 500 million kilowatts. The project, from wind turbine hoisting to wind farm construction, is all completed with SANY equipment. The project meets about 30% of the electricity demand in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and has injected new impetus into Ethiopia's economic development. It has been highly praised by the local government and the international community.

Adama Phase II Wind Power Project 

In 2017, Saudi Arabia announced that it would build an unprecedented "future city" called NEOM. As the core project of the "Saudi Vision 2030", NEOM covers an area of 26,500 square kilometers and is a large-scale comprehensive urban construction project involving a large number of infrastructure and construction projects. Since the second half of 2021, more than 1,600 units of SANY equipment have been deployed at the NEOM New City construction site, including cranes, excavators, loaders, dump trucks, concrete pump trucks and other types of construction machinery. Currently, these equipment are in use with 50 local SANY units. Many engineers are working together with their iron arms and sweat to promote the rise of a giant future city at full speed.

NEOM new town construction site

At the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sany ultra-high pressure tow pumps set the world's highest pumping record; at the world's tallest "Statue of Unity" in India, Sany crane equipment completed 80% of the lifting projects; at the World Cup in Brazil With the Olympic venues, hundreds of SANY excavators, cranes, and graders participated in the entire construction process; in the central business district of Egypt's new capital, more than 30 SANY equipment helped realize the Egyptian national rejuvenation plan... In the past more than 20 years During the years, the "China Red" figure of SANY equipment can be seen everywhere in the BRICS countries.

SANY pump truck is constructing the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building in the United Arab Emirates

Deeply cultivate cultural exchanges and water the tree of friendship and cooperation

"The relationship between countries lies in the mutual friendship between the people. Only through deep cultivation and deep cultivation can the tree of friendship and cooperation flourish."

As a corporate citizen, while SANY has achieved rapid development and mutual benefits in BRICS cooperation, it has also never forgotten its social responsibilities, deeply cultivated cultural exchanges with local people, and watered the tree of friendship and cooperation.


Taking root in the South African market for eighteen years, SANY has been deeply integrated into the local social development in South Africa. "Teach a man to fish", also "teach a man to fish". In 2021, combined with the actual situation of local society, SANY South Africa launched the "Empower Women in Mining" social welfare activity to provide unemployed women in remote areas with a week-long closed excavator operation training. After the training, the trainees successfully became certified operators hand. This event has aroused enthusiastic and positive responses from South African government departments, local media and all walks of life, and they have all praised its outstanding contribution to women's rights and social welfare.

“Empower Women in Mining”

During its more than 20 years in India, SANY has also participated in cultural exchanges between the two countries in various forms. In May 2018, Trinity Institute of Technology and Somaiya University of India signed a cooperative education agreement in Mumbai, India, to cooperate closely in areas such as exchange student course credit exchange, orientation class training, student summer overseas internships, and teacher exchange visits. Sany Group became the first Chinese-funded enterprise to establish an educational cooperation project with an Indian institution of higher learning. At the end of 2018, the first batch of Somaiya students went to Trinity Institute of Technology for one month of exchange study. Since 2018, nearly 150 Somaiya teachers and students have gone to SANY India for exchange and study. Industry, academia and research have achieved in-depth cross-field cooperation, bringing closer the "people-to-people affinity" between China and India.

The first batch of Somaiya students went to Trinity Institute of Technology for exchange studies

"Those who share the same ambition should not let the mountains and seas be far away." In August 2023, the 15th BRICS leaders’ meeting announced that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Iran, and Ethiopia would be invited to officially become members of the BRICS family. Walking together on the road, heading towards the future together. BRICS cooperation has broad prospects and future development is promising. SANY will seize the historical opportunity and share resources, wisdom and opportunities through the BRICS Innovation Base Industrial Innovation Alliance to build the "Second Gold" of the BRICS countries. The cooperation vision of "Ten Years" has become a reality and Sany has made contributions!

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