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China equipment introduction-wet spraying machine of Sany Group
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China equipment introduction-wet spraying machine of Sany Group

China equipment introduction-wet spraying machine of Sany Group

August 30, 2023

In recent years, the mileage of tunnels under construction in China has increased by about 11% annually; about 3,100 new tunnels will be added in 2023; "National Highway Network Planning (2013-2030)" indicates that the total scale of the national highway network planning is 401,000 kilometers; The Outline of Advanced Planning for Railways in a Powerful Country in the New Era states that by 2035, the national railway network will be planned to be 200,000 kilometers, including 70,000 kilometers of high-speed rail...

With the continuous increase in the amount of national tunnel engineering, construction machinery equipment used for support operations such as road/railway tunnels, slopes, mine roadways, water conservancy/hydropower tunnels and culverts, subways, etc. Well received by the market. Among them, the sales of Sany wet spraying machine, a "small expert in tunnel concrete spraying", has continued to rise since its launch, which has improved the construction environment of tunnel sprayed concrete, ensured the safety and health of workers, and reduced construction costs.

What are the high-quality features of Sany wet spray machine that make it stand out from many brands and win market praise in one fell swoop? Don't blink, next, we will "uncover the secrets" for you one by one.

The unique pumping system is more efficient and inherits the industry-leading Sany ace concrete pumping technology, which is highly efficient and energy-saving "not picky eaters"

High efficiency: special pumping system for wet spraying machine, the suction efficiency is as high as 95%

Energy saving: the industry's first casting energy-saving main valve, lower energy consumption, lower pressure loss

Durability: 25% reduction in pressure loss, 10% reduction in commutation impact, longer life and more durability

Sany’s special chassis has higher applicability “Equipped with a special engineering chassis, it can adapt to various tunnel construction conditions and complex roads

Flexible: four-wheel drive and four-steering, crab driving and two-way driving, the operating platform can be rotated 180 degrees, the turning radius is 5.6 meters, and the maximum climbing gradient can reach 40%

Reliable: heavy-duty hydraulic axles, wet brakes, more reliable driving

Safety: the design of inclined support legs, the stability of the whole vehicle is better, and the construction is safer

Folding telescopic frame more flexible

Wide range: 9 degrees of freedom of the boom, the maximum spraying height is 17.5m, the maximum spraying width is 30m, and the 240° spherical spraying has no dead angle

High efficiency: the telescopic stroke of the boom and forearm is 2m, the forearm is folded at 240°, the number of moving vehicles is small, and the construction speed is fast

Accurate positioning: the forearm is automatically kept horizontal, the nozzle is sprayed vertically on the wall, and the positioning is more accurate

Good rigidity: original pentagonal section, stronger and more stable

Upgrade the control system to be more intelligent

Intelligence: Quick-setting dosage and concrete pumping displacement can be automatically synchronized and matched

Worry-free: intelligent self-diagnosis of faults, automatic maintenance prompts, allowing you to use worry-free

In the past two years, the country's investment in roads and railways has grown rapidly. The 14th Five-Year Plan pointed out that by 2035, the total mileage of domestic high-speed rail is expected to increase to 240,000 kilometers, and the mileage of expressways is expected to reach 460,000 kilometers. At the same time, Article 6 of the "Nine Regulations on Tunnel Construction Safety" requires in the specific implementation rules that for tunnels with double-line high-risk and above, wet spraying and manipulators must be used for spraying and anchoring operations for step construction projects.

Sany Heavy Industry closely follows the pace of national strategy and planning, actively participates in the construction of the national railway and highway network, deploys the manufacturing of wet spraying machine products, and contributes to the development of tunnel wet spraying projects.

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